Software Development

PoweerHire provides development for critical applications. Our skilled team is highly capable to execute full life-cycle development for multiple application in an offshoring model enabling our clients to have a low cost solution with high quality for their critical applications. Implementation of ERP, MSD CRM and Oracle projects has been our core for a decade.

System Integration

As the world becomes more connected, systems integration is an increasing priority for our clients. PoweerHire effectively consolidates diverse systems to increase the level of automation and simplify the addition of new features and technologies for our clients. We ensure that the integration process adds value by providing quality design, architecture, development and customization.

GIC Setup

We enable our clients to set up their own centers without hurdles by Program Managing end to end process and transition it back smoothly through Build Operate Transfer (BOT) or Build and Transfer (BT) models. we support HR, Admin, Facility, FP&A, Compliance and Fulfillment through industry standard approach and bringing in automation to the daily operations

Payroll, Accounting and Audit

With a growing list of partners we help our clients in maintaining compliance in the daily transactions. This in turn helps our Clients stay complaint to the regulations and operate smoothly. We offer a full-fledged Payroll, Accounting and Compliance solutions that reduces client’s resource and processing costs and while ensuring accurate, streamlined and consistent execution of needs.

Financial Planning and Analysis

We utilize both quantitative and qualitative analysis of all operational aspects of a company in order to evaluate the company’s progress toward achieving its goals and to map out future goals and plans. Consider economic and business trends, review past company performance, and attempt to anticipate obstacles and potential problems, all with an eye toward forecasting a company’s future financial results.

Sourcing and Staffing

With the core being people, PoweerHire aims to provide cost-effective solutions for our clients with faster turnaround through strategic consulting and solutions in the areas of Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Talent Acquisition, Ramp-up Planning, Compensation Analytics and Job Description Design. PoweerHire provides clients with tailor made recruiting solutions across industries.

Global Sourcing

A specialized solution for Clients looking for global talent to execute projects. PoweerHire is equipped with the necessary skills and tools to execute the solution across the globe. An ecosystem of skill repository enables us to deliver the results to any part of the world from a low cost center in India.

Market Intelligence and Advisory

With a unique approach to market information within defined skills, compensation and location logistics, PoweerHire helps CXO’ s make strategic decision making an positive impact to the bottom line.

Import and Export Advisory

Our consulting services provide hand held support to our clients for import and export involving a through process to program manage various roles and engage with entities like Government, Customs, Brokers, Banks, Warehouses, Distribution, Complex documentation, etc.